Travel bag Le Saint-Germain-des-Prés

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Chic and vintage, this travel bag is ideal to leave for a week because its soft shape adapts to all the small bazaar you like to take on a trip! It is also very easy to fold to optimize your storage space when you return from your getaway.

This durable and feather-light travel bag is entirely hand-crafted in France by a French leather craftsman in appleskin, a vegan alternative to animal leather.
For men or women, it is worn on the shoulder thanks to its large handles or shoulder strap if you are loaded.

Its extreme lightness evokes the carefree atmosphere that floats on the terraces and literary cafés of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, a mixture of celebration and taste for sharing new ideas and glasses of wine.

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With the exceptional accessories and vintage inspiration of Surprizz Paris, find a little of the carefree of the years 50-80. And cultivate your French art of living, a mixture of festive meaning and intellectual and artistic effervescence that could be called «the spirit of Saint-Germain-des-Prés».

External dimensions: 70 cm X 50 cm X 41 cm
Folded bag size for storage: 35X30
A flexible and fluid shape that holds many clothes and personal belongings
YKK Excella Deluxe Zip Fastener, the Rolls of the Zipper and made in France
100% waterproof
An incomparable lightness and solidity!
Convenient inside pocket for your mobile phone.
Eco-responsible leather goods based on Apple skin, an alternative vegetable material to leather, made from recycled apple peel.
100% vegan and animal welfare.
Made in France in Paris, 100% handmade by a French craftsman
Carbon impact limited to the maximum
Dark Grey Mottled Straps
Comes in a reusable organic cotton velvet pouch
Free delivery within 2 business days for metropolitan France


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